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Set your business apart with benefits that help your team thrive.

It takes more than a paycheck to build a productive team. You can offer affordable benefits that have zero administration.

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Our Platform

Easy To Implement

Xiggit handles all the employee education and regulatory compliance.

Save Time

Just link your payroll provider. Xiggit sets up the deductions and adjusts as needed.

Low Cost

Just $10 per employee per month - a cost-effective way to offer financial benefits.

After having a 401k, Xiggit feels like a breath of fresh air. It is simple, low-cost, easy to use… everything a 401k is not. It feels human, our employees feel more comfortable with it and they have a great support team. Read more.

Bruce Watkins
CEO, Cal Preserving

Focus on your business

Registration is free and takes 15 minutes.

Once enrolled, Xiggit syncs your employees data with your Payroll Provider. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

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Prepare for now, save for later

Have you had an emergency come up you couldn't afford?

By deducting small amounts from each paycheck, you can plan for those unexpected expenses while simultaneously building a nest egg for retirement.

Automated savings today and for the future

Xiggit moves your contributes to your account on a weekly basis.

Small amounts compound over time. Save even more with our daily Learn 'n Earn Game!


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Talk to one of our benefits experts. We'd be happy to discuss how Xiggit can save you countless hours every pay period on your benefits management.

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