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Great employees are a
key part of your business

Give them the benefits they need to thrive, be productive, and love their job


Targeted Savings

Help your employees save for what they care about. Time off, emergencies, upcoming life events. Your employees pick. 



By contributing a little from each paycheck, your employees can start building towards their retirement. 


Employee Incentives

Our daily Learn 'n Earn games reward your employees for learning. Every time they win a game, they earn.  


Healthcare & Insurance

Coming Soon

Offer your employees the support they need. You set the budget. 

How Xiggit works

Sign up, integrate your payroll, and you are ready.


Sign up with Xiggit

Schedule a demo with a member of our team.


Employees enroll in app

Employees download the Xiggit

app and set their savings and retirement contributions. 


Integrate your payroll

Choose from our 64 payroll integrations. We link payroll

contributions and transfer

employee information. 


Xiggit engages via app

Xiggit communicates and engages with employees via the app and platform. Employees get access to the daily Learn 'n Earn game.


Set a budget &

monitor your dashboard 

Set your budget (if any) after the flat monthly $4/employee fee. Use the

Xiggit dashboard to monitor benefits.


Simple offboarding

When your employee leaves, they keep Xiggit, pausing or moving their contributions to another source of funding. No rollover required.

Have questions? We're here to help.