Your Rocket Fuel: Boosts

Boosts are cash incentives to help propel you towards your financial goals.

Boost /bo͞ost/ (noun)

  1. a source of help or encouragement leading to increase or improvement.

  2. fun and engaging incentives within Xiggit to save more, earn more, and win at the money game. 

You earn Boosts through the daily financial quiz and from many other places.


helping employees become more financially secure through rewarding performance

Friends and family

helping loved ones improve financial security and reach savings goals


building loyalty and engagement through fun incentives

Community organizations encouraging financial literacy and financial security

The best part is, Boosts can be sponsored by anyone and for just about anything:

  • Saving a certain amount: "Congrats on saving $250 - here is an extra $10 to keep up the momentum!"

  • Learning important information:"Here's $15 for doing a great job learning our new policy manual."

  • A reward for doing something great: "Thanks for the help - here's $20 towards your saving goal."



To make all this possible, Boosts have a 3% fee for the Boost sponsor

Questions? We've got you covered.