Boosts are a potent superpower

Want to launch someone towards financial well being and freedom from money worry? Boosts are your superpower.

Boosts are fun and engaging incentives that help Xiggsters save faster by earning 'free' money for improving their financial knowledge.


How Boosts work

Boosts accelerate people towards financial freedom in numerous ways. For instance, Boosts can be sponsored by employers to incentivize and train, provide family and friends a way to support positive momentum or simply say thanks, and enable brands and philanthropy to engage and empower.


  • Boosts are available to all active savers

  • Earn Boosts once you start saving

  • Check for active boosts in the Xiggit app


  1. Identify your audience in the portal

  2. Set the rules for your boost

  3. Schedule your boost

       We charge a small transaction fee for Boosts. 


giving that empowers and elevates

WIn Win

many contribute,

everyone wins


build and strengthen


Boosts grow in value over time 

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