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About the founder

Bruce Watkins has spent 35 years delivering exterior wood preserving and maintenance in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. He delivers the highest quality customer service and knowledge of exterior wood restoration, preservation and maintenance.

About the company

CalPreseving is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Start with our free estimate and allow us to deliver outstanding workmanship and service. We earn high reviews on Yelp and Angie's List. We operate our business as green as possible while preserving natural resources. We roll and brush to reduce waste and protect the surroundings from being covered in plastic that ends up in landfills, and we recycle.

Service type

Construction, Deck, and Exterior refinishing.

After having a 401k, Xiggit feels like a breath of fresh air. It is simple, low-cost, easy to use… everything a 401k is not. It feels human, our employees feel more comfortable with it and they have a great support team.
Bruce Watkins
CEO, Cal Preserving

Bruce wanted to help his employees.

Bruce saw that his employees were under financial stress and it was impacting their ability to focus on the job. His employees range in age from early 20s to early 60s and that means their financial priorities are all over the map.  Some are buying their first car to get to work, others are saving for a house down payment or laser-focused on having enough to retire. Bruce wanted one benefits provider to engage all his employees and collectively help them become more financially resilient so they could focus on the job while at work. Bruce decided to offer a 401k benefit to help his employees.  

One benefit doesn’t fit all employees.

Offering a 401k gave his employees a chance to save for retirement, and he hoped this would help reduce the financial stress that he saw. The challenge was that a 401k is a highly regulated offering and the rules around participation make it very hard for a small business to participate unless most of the employees contribute.  Bruce rolled it out, but only a small number of employees participated.  The 401k didn’t engage the employees and only helped a small portion with their financial stress leaving the rest without any help. The results were frustrating and disappointing.

Xiggit offers a broad range of benefits that help everyone.

Bruce moved to Xiggit with its broader set of savings benefits. Employees can save for cars, homes, or anything they want PLUS they can also put money into an individual retirement account. The retirement account is fully automated, with a built-in advisor making it much simpler for employees to use over a 401k where they have to make fund selections. 

One of his employees calls Xiggit a lifesaver.  Their family was hit with an unexpected expense when the house they were renting was suddenly sold and they had to move and cover a new deposit.  "I don’t know what we would have done if it wasn’t for Xiggit.  Before Xiggit I hadn’t been able to save more than $40 and now that we have an unexpected expense in the thousands we can handle it without worrying."

Xiggit invests in you when you invest in you.

What really sold Bruce on Xiggit was that Xiggit invests in his employees when they in themselves through Boosts.  Xiggit sponsors the daily ‘Learn 'n Earn’ financial game with a monthly grant that is distributed in daily prize pools. People have won hundreds of dollars already. Soon Bruce will be able to offer his own ‘Boosts’ to supercharge the momentum of his employees.

With Xiggit, employee financial stresses are lower and employees can focus on growing the CalPreserving business while at work because they are ready for the unexpected. 

Before Xiggit I hadn’t been able to save more than $40 and now that we have an unexpected expense in the thousands we can handle it without worrying.
Cal Preserving employee
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