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Looking for a better CalSavers experience?

We’ve seen how manual the CalSavers program can beXiggit provides an affordable, automated CalSavers alternative. Let Xiggit automate your CalSavers compliance for just $10 per employee per month.

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Find out how Xiggit can help

What is the CalSavers Program?

The CalSavers Law and Retirement Savings Program was built to encourage employees to save for retirement. It mandates that all employers with 5 or more employees provide a qualified retirement program for their employees by June 30, 2022.

Are you compliant?

In order to comply with the mandate, you must provide a qualified retirement program to your employees. You can choose a program that takes time every payroll like CalSaver or an automated program like Xiggit's.

What is Xiggit?

Xiggit is a modern benefits platform for businesses that can't afford the time and money required by traditional benefits. We provide an alternative to CalSavers and costly 401k alternatives. We fit your financials, and we handle all your benefit operations: no more compliance or penalty worries, no more administration, onboarding, offboarding, employee education, or payroll deductions that you have to manage. Plus, employees love Xiggit's benefits.


Better than a 401k for your business

You have many 401k vendors to choose from, but is a 401k right for your business? Low participation means you are at risk of penalties while you are charged for all employees. With a 401k you are responsible for enrollment and education. 

Xiggit includes payroll-deduction IRAs that have the high contribution amounts you are looking for, without the participation requirements. We take on the education and enrollment of your employees. The best part? You only pay $10 per month per employee for the employees that are actively participating in the program.

A program your employees need

Most of your employees know about planning for retirement, but what they really need is a cash cushion for today's challenges. Do the unexpected financial expenses of your employees impact your business? 

Xiggit includes automated payroll deduction savings that help build a cash cushion buffering you from unexpected employee expenses. When your employees have built up 3 months of savings we encourage employees to save for retirement. This savings habit gives them the confidence to financially handle the unexpected.

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Boosts drive engagement and learning

We make improving financial literacy fun by rewarding correct answers. Who is this FICA person that is taking money out of my paycheck? What is the difference between co-insurance and a deductible on my health insurance? How much does that balancing I'm carrying on my credit card really cost me?

Every Xiggit account comes with Xiggit Boosts, a daily financial literacy game that increases your employee's financial wellness. Employees can build their knowledge and earn extra money with our game, sponsored by Xiggit. You can also sponsor Boosts and have every dollar you put toward benefits count. 

Xiggit lets you focus on your business

CalSavers automation

It takes 10 minutes to enroll your business and your employees in the Xiggit platform. Simply connect your Payroll Provider and Xiggit handles the rest!

Help you and your employees save more

The Xiggit platform contribution limits are more than 2x the CalSavers limits. You can also utilize our Boosts program to boost your employees' savings even more!

No more fines

Unlike a traditional 401k program where you can get fined for non-compliance, Xiggit owns the fiscal liability of your employees' assets while you maintain the tax benefits.

Xiggit automates CalSavers

California businesses have until June 30, 2022, to be in compliance with the CalSavers law.

Even if you are currently working with a CalSavers compliant provider, Xiggit can work with you to roll over your employee's contributions. Xiggit can start saving you time and money today. You only pay $10 per month per employee for the employees actively participating in the program. Your first month is free.

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