Need to comply with CalSavers?

CalSavers is a California law designed to encourage employees to save for retirement. It mandates that employers with 5 or more employees provide a qualified retirement saving program for their employees.


CalSavers includes a payroll deduction IRA program with no fees for the employer, however employers don't have to use the one provided. Employers have many choices when choosing the retirement program that best fits their business.

Compliance dates for different employer sizes.

Fees for non-compliance starting at $250 per employee.

Xiggit and CalSavers

Xiggit is a financial wellness benefit that includes retirement and emergency savings, financial education and built-in 'matching'. Xiggit has more impact on the overall financial health of employees than a retirement account without these extras. Employees can even earn more savings through Xiggit's crowdmatching Boosts.

Xiggit complies with the CalSavers law and can be selected as an alternative payroll deduction IRA. 


It only takes minutes to register your company and get with Xiggit by enrolling your employees on our employer portal.  Once enrolled, Xiggit automates all of the communications to your employees and money movement. It's easy to synchronize the payroll deductions using our employer portal and payroll integrations.   

Xiggit, CalSavers and 401ks

Employers typically have employees that are at different points in their lifetime financial journey making the 401k ideal for some employees, whereas the IRA is better for others. With Xiggit, employers can offer a 401k and an IRA to meet the needs of all employees.  

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