Reward and motivate
employees to increase productivity

Xiggit's daily Learn 'n Earn game combines the fun of playing a game with the reward of learning. 

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Gamified education

Employees engage every day with the daily Learn 'n Earn game.


Employee incentives

Engage employees through the Xiggit app with performance rewards, matched savings and 

peer recognition. 



Customize the daily Learn 'n Earn game by adding content relevant to your company

Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable

*Gallup's meta-analysis


Eligibility based on savings participation

Incentivizing your employees to engage in both their benefits and learning more about their financial choices is a win-win scenario.

How our Learn 'n Earn game works

Grants are given to all winners

The Learn 'n Earn game is three question and if you get all three correct then you win. The grants in each game are shared equally between all winner of the game that day.

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Winning are applied to their savings goals

Whether they have a targeted savings goal or are building their future income, employees can increase their savings by playing the Learn 'n Earn game.

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