Your free savings and retirement accounts

You can save for an unexpected expense or start preparing for your future.  Along the way you can play the Earn 'n Learn daily game to boost your balance.

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Your benefits

Targeted Savings

Whether you are creating your emergency fund or saving for a vacation, just input the amount you will need and then see how much you need to contribute to reach your goal.

Why save with Xiggit?

Xiggit automates how you save with small, easy payroll deductions. You can then boost those savings each day by playing the Earn 'n Learn game. You always control your deduction amount, access your money when you need it, and achieve your savings goal.  

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Deductions moves directly to your savings account

so it can't take a detour.


In Control

You are making the decisions and can change your deductions
24/7 in the app.



Your data and money are protected with bank level encryption and money transfer protocols.

Earn 'n Learn Daily Game

Play our financial education game to increase your targeted saving and retirement amounts while you increase your financial knowledge. 

IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

Use the calculator to determine how much you will need each month when you retire–your Future Income. Your money will be invested in the stock market.

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