Attract and retain staff with a savings benefit they truly value

Offer retirement and savings benefits to all employees at no cost.

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Xiggit turns ordinary jobs into GREAT jobs that employees are proud to have and want to keep.  


Our benefits are easy to set up and can be offered to all employees. Employers play a minimal role and have no fiduciary responsibility.  

Improve employee retention

by reducing employee financial stress

Employees save towards their personal goals automatically.

Xiggit Boost accelerates saving towards goals. 

Employers reduce employee financial stress by boosting the employees' ability to reach personal financial goals.

Save with confidence

Get money matching boosts

Set and forget. We keep employees on track to achieve short term goals and saving towards financial freedom.

Boosts come from employers, friends, family, and businesses who support your employee's achievements.

With Xiggit the money always belongs to the employee and the retirement and savings accounts are fully portable.



Daily financial quiz

Budgeting tools

Earn boosts for correct answers


Spend analysis and projections

Understand what's affordable



Savings and retirement accounts

Goal setting

Matched saving boosts

Personalized financial wellness

“I like that I am in control. I can save for emergencies, time off, and make changes when I need to.” 


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