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Reward and motivate
employees to increase productivity

Xiggit's daily Learn 'n Earn game combines the fun of playing a game with the reward of learning. 


Companies with high employee

engagement are 21% more profitable.

Our app engages and incentivizes employees through gamification


Gamified education

Employee incentives



Employees engage every day with the daily Learn 'n Earn game.

Engage employees through the Xiggit app with performance rewards, matched savings and

peer recognition.  

Customize the daily Learn 'n Earn game by adding content relevant to your company

*Gallup's meta-analysis

How our Learn 'n Earn game works

When employees start saving they become eligible to play our daily Learn 'n Earn games

Xiggit sponsors daily Learn 'n Earn game with a portion of our revenues as a grant

Grants are given to daily winners every day

Winners apply their rewards to their savings goals

Xiggit works with you to build custom content with your sponsorship

Employees configure their account on the Xiggit app


I enjoy playing the daily Learn 'n Earn game. I'm having fun with it regardless of getting the quiz answers right or wrong because I value learning, though the prize money doesn't hurt - I have already multiplied my savings by learning. 

Alicia Vega, Saver
Employee at Extollo


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