Your employees will feel more secure with benefits

Xiggit makes deploying benefits to employees a low-cost, high-impact solution that is easy to setup and administer for all sizes of employers

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Simple to Implement 



We maintain high privacy standards to protect you and your employees

No Administration

Link your payroll provider and Xiggit setups the deductions and adjusts as needed.


Low Cost 

Start at $4 - a simple service fee to give your employees access to benefits.

Employers just provide the service and the employees own and manage their benefits with Xiggit's help. Register in just 15 mins and then just manage your payroll like you always do. Xiggit will take care of the rest. 

Everyone want to feel secure

Invest in your team's short and long term financial wellness and develop their loyalty, long-term financial health and security.  Benefits that employees want and need have a high ROI and are impactful to your team.

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