Improving your employee's financial wellbeing improves your financials as well

Benefits that reduce financial stress make employees better prepared to handle economic uncertainties and focus on their job. Xiggit's financial benefits include extra money for employees when they improve their financial health.


Benefits you can offer to all employees

Employers can offer Xiggit to all of your employees regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time, contract, or other classifications at no cost to the employer. With Xiggit there are no fees, no participation requirement or liability to the employer. Signing up is easy and managing the benefit requires minimal administrative effort.


Xiggit can be the solution to including all of your employees way to offer all only retirement benefit or it can be added to your existing 401k plan and other retirement benefits.

For the Employer
  • No cost and no liability to the employer

  • Simple enrollment process with minimal ongoing administration

  • Xiggit does all the outreach and communication directly with employees

  • Employers can champion  employee professional and personal development with Boosts

For the Employee

  • Portable savings and retirement accounts that belong to you, and move with you if you change employers

  • Professionally managed investments

  • Traditional or Roth IRA

  • Financial tools and education

  • Learning incentives

  • Earn extra savings with Boosts

  • Mobile app access that is always available to change, pause or increase savings rate


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