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Register in just 15 minutes and manage your payroll like you always do. Employees own and manage their benefits in our convenient app. Xiggit keeps everything in sync so you don't have to.


We maintain high privacy standards to protect you and your employees.

Save Time

Link your payroll provider and Xiggit automatically syncs your data.

Low Cost

Xiggit is just just $10 per employee per month.

Easy setup with no new payroll process

It takes a few minutes. Link your payroll provider and link your bank account. Xiggit will automatically enroll your employees and keeps their data in sync. Xiggit handles everything for you, including reporting.

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Xiggit invites your employees to access their accounts

  • Xiggit will auto-enroll your employees and invite them with text and email to get started.
  • They will be able to download the app immediately and engage with their benefits.
  • They can contribute as little as 1% of their paycheck to their Xiggit account.
  • They can opt out or pause their contributions at any time.
  • Xiggit offers a payroll deduction IRA Account, a payroll deduction Savings Account, and customized Health Insurance (coming soon).

Process funding payroll deductions automatically

Xiggit automatically adjusts your employee contribution percentages. We will notify you and move the deductions from your payroll account to your employees' accounts. Fees are moved separately from payroll deductions.


Just $10 per employee per month

Xiggit charges one low monthly fee per employee.

  • Xiggit charges $10 per active employee per month. We will not charge you for employees that have opted out of the program or paused their contributions.
  • Xiggit does not have any monthly minimums. You pay for the employees enrolled in the program.
  • Xiggit does not charge any registration or cancellation fees. Try us out at no risk to you or your employees!
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