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Take care of your most important business asset

Improve your employees' financial well-being and level the benefits playing field.

Provide your employees with affordable benefits they want


Emergency Savings

Help your employees save for those unexpected expenses or easily handle uncertain work schedules


Payroll-deduction IRA

Your employees will be better prepared for retirement and enjoy their "what's next".


Affordable health insurance

Affordable group and individual plans to keep your employees healthy.


Daily Learn 'n Earn game

Your employees can Boost their savings with our daily financial wellness game.


Financial planning

All Xiggit accounts come with a complimentary financial planning session with our partners at Greenpath.

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For you

  • 49% of employees will leave their job in the next 12 months over a lack of benefits. Xiggit helps you retain talent.
  • Xiggit requires zero administration on your part. It takes just 10 minutes to enroll. After that, you can be involved as little or as much as you like.
  • Xiggit is extremely low-cost. We charge a low platform fee per employee per month - much less than what you'd pay for a comparable 401(k) plan.

Already have benefits? Xiggit can co-exist with existing plans to give your employees additional options!

For your employees

  • 51% of Americans have less than 3 months' worth of expenses in an emergency fund. Xiggit can help them save for the unexpected.
  • 55% of working Americans say they're behind on retirement savings. Xiggit's payroll-deduction IRA helps them build their retirement nest egg.
  • 43% of working-age adults were inadequately insured in 2022. Xiggit offers affordable Affordable Care Act insurance plans - most workers qualify for plans at $50 or less per month.

Does your State have mandatory retirement laws for your business? Xiggit is a compliant solution that saves you time and money over some of the competitors' solutions.

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