Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Xiggit?

Xiggit is a benefits-as-a-service company that provides a web platform and app where companies can offer their employees (full-time, part-time, hourly, contract, etc) personal, portable benefits that build wealth and loyalty. Xiggit’s mission is to inspire working Americans to build financial confidence and security with improved financial knowledge, trust, and a sense of abundance.

What benefits are available?

Xiggit's benefits are designed for the modern worker. Because the benefits through Xiggit are personalized and portable, you are able to chose which benefits are most valuable to you and these benefits go with you regardless of who you work for. The current offering of benefits is a savings account, retirement account (IRA: Individual Retirement Account), and extra money through Boosts in the daily Learn n’ Earn Game in the Xiggit app. Numerous other benefits are coming soon.

Who is able to get these benefits?

All types of employees, including full-time, part-time, seasonal, exempt, and hourly can get benefits through Xiggit. And solo entrepreneurs can sign themselves up for benefits too: gig workers, freelancers, contractors, and anyone who receives a 1099 for their services.

I'm pretty young - why is it important for me to save for retirement now?

Saving even a little now can have a big impact on your financial freedom later in life. For those early in your professional journey you have the opportunity to really benefit from the power of compounding (your money making money over time). For example, if you are 20 and invest just $50 a month until you're 60, you will have invested $24,000 but because of compounding you will have $155,434 (at a 8% annual return). If you wait to start saving for retirement at 40, and invest $100 a month until you're 60 (at a 8% annual return), you will end up with a total of $54,154. Another powerful example: Warren Buffet, the wealthiest investor of all time with a net worth of $90 billion, made most of that (around $70 billion) in just the last 15 years of his 80 years as an investor. Even Buffet says the secret isn't picking the right stocks as much as it is how long you are investing. You can read more about Buffet's take on compounding here: Learn more by doing your own projections with a compounding interest calculator like the one at

My employer enrolled me in benefits through Xiggit - now what?

After a company or organization enrolls their employees in Xiggit there is an initial 30-day introductory period. This gives employees the opportunity to download the Xiggit app, get to know their benefits and how they work, and adjust their savings amounts in the app. During this 30-day introductory period, Xiggit will send you text and email messages to help you get the most out of the Xiggit service. Before any money is deducted from your paycheck you will always be notified first. Having benefits through Xiggit is completely voluntary.

How much does it cost to have these benefits?

There is a $4 per month subscription fee for Xiggit for each subscriber. If the employer chooses to they may share or completely cover this monthly fee.

What are Boosts and how do they work?

Boosts is a program that matches savings with funding from employers, Xiggit’s own ‘give back’ program, and others in the Xiggit network. Through Boosts, savers can play the daily Learn n' Earn Game where they earn additional money towards their saving goals by getting all three of the answers correct. Playing the Learn n’ Earn Game every day (and getting the three questions right) is a great way for savers to earn extra cash to reach their saving goals faster. Also, Boosts are a powerful tool for employers, businesses, friends, family, foundations, and brands that already set aside funds for gifts, donations, employee development, marketing, and loyalty. They can channel these funds to Boosts and generate long-term goodwill while helping accelerate savings.

Will my employer match my retirement?

Because the retirement account through Xiggit is an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) and not a 401K (though companies can have both), your employer is not able to match your contributions to your Xiggit IRA. That said, employers can participate in Boosts that the employee can then direct towards their IRA. Employers can, however, match or contribute directly to their employee’s Xiggit savings account.

What are my benefits and what are my out of pocket expenses?

The savings account, retirement account, and earning extra money through Boosts in the Learn n’ Earn Game are included in the $4 monthly subscription fee. Additional benefits have their own pricing which new savers on the app will see when signing up. As new benefits are added, more information will be available in the app, the Xiggit website, and this FAQ.

If I want to opt out, how do I do that?

Just contact us at or through the Contact Us button on the Xiggit website. Depending on the payroll company used, if you opt out in the middle of a pay period you may still see a deduction on the next payroll. If you have any questions about this, please reach out at

Where is my savings account money being held and what is my Xiggit IRA?

Xiggit has partnered with US Bank - one of the largest banks in America - to provide the savings account so your money is not only in a well-regarded bank but it is also insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). The Xiggit IRA default investment is a "conservative" portfolio of a diverse mix of mutual funds and bond funds. Once you come into the app, you will answer a series of questions to determine your comfort level with investing. Xiggit will recommend a portfolio to match that comfort level.

Wait - I already have a 401K or IRA. Why do I need the Xiggit IRA?

If you are already maxing out your annual contribution limit to your 401K or IRA, you may not want or need the Xiggit IRA. If that's the case, good on you! You're already well on your way to financial freedom and we cheer you on as you continue to save towards greater financial security. Most of us, for many different reasons, are not saving all we can (or maybe should) for when we're ready to stop working (aka "retirement"). The Xiggit IRA can be an additional savings plan, further increasing your overall retirement savings. Definitely check with your accountant first to make sure the additional retirement savings through the Xiggit IRA is right for you. And if you can benefit from the Xiggit IRA but need to adjust the amount you save each year, you can easily do that right in the Xiggit app.