Reduce time
and increase loyalty 

Let us do the administrative work so you can focus on what increase your bottom line. Give employees the benefits they need to thrive, be productive, and love their job.

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employees want

Playing a game daily for small winnings, targeted savings–like emergency savings, and retirement.


Simple to run

No need to input any data each payroll period as employee changes are automated.


Meet retirement compliance

Xiggit fulfills CalSavers and other states requirements to provide retirement.

Quick employer setup

Accept your Xiggit invite and go through the registration flow adding company information, bank account, and payroll provider to complete your account. Add any additional payroll administrators as needed.

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Invite employees to access their accounts

Xiggit will auto-enroll your employees and invite them with text and email to get started. They will be able to download the app immediately and engage with their benefits. They can opt out at any time.


Process funding payroll deductions automatically

Each payroll Xiggit adjusts the employee percentage. We will notify you and move the deductions from your payroll account to your employees' accounts. Fees are moved separate from payroll deductions.


See Xiggit in action