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Four steps to a stronger future for your company and your employees

Now that you're ready to start offering benefits to your employees through Xiggit, let's walk you through the process and answer some of the most frequently asked questions. 


Register your company

We will help you complete the registration process on a short video call. During this time you will link your payroll provider and link your bank.


Enroll your employees

If you linked your payroll provider during registration, all your employee information is automatically uploaded into the Dashboard.


Begin the 30-day introductory period

During the 30 day period between registration and when the first payroll deductions are made, your employees have the opportunity to download the Xiggit app, learn more about the Xiggit services, and make any adjustments to their account.


Introduce your employees to their new benefits

Immediately after registration you will receive customizable materials to share with your employees, introducing your employees to their new benefits.

A week (seven days) after registration is complete, and a few weeks before the 30-day introductory period is over, Xiggit will start communicating directly to your employees.

  • Welcome text message

  • Reminders to download the app

  • Notifications when money is going to be deducted

  • Reminders to earn money in the daily Learn 'n Earn game

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business eligible for Xiggit?

All employers with one or more employees are eligible to provide their employees benefits through Xiggit. What's also great is that you can add Xiggit to a 401k or other retirement program to provide even more benefit options to your employees.

Which employees can participate in Xiggit?

You can provide benefits through Xiggit to all types of employees, including any category (full-time, part-time, seasonal, exempt, hourly, etc) including contract and 1099 workers. Having benefits through Xiggit is completely voluntary for employees. Employers enroll all their employees, and Xiggit communicates clearly that employees can opt-out at any time. There is a $4 per month fee for Xiggit for each subscriber that can be paid for by the employees or the employer (or both if you want to share the cost).

How can I find out if Xiggit integrates with my payroll provider and what are the benefits for my company to do that?

We have integrations with over 60 payroll providers to ensure that registration - and ongoing management - is very easy. We've partnered with the most popular payroll providers small businesses use like QuickBooks Online, ADP, Paychex, and Gusto. Please reach out to us and we'll send you the full list of our payroll provider partners or you go to our website page xiggit.com/retirement and scroll down to the payroll provider section where you will find a dropdown menu of our payroll provider integrations. By linking your payroll provider with Xiggit you can continue to run payroll and update your payroll information as you usually do. The Xiggit portal becomes an analysis tool where you will get ongoing information about how your company is utilizing its benefits

After we sign up, why do my employees have to wait 30 days to start saving?

When implementing Xiggit for the first time, employees are given 30 days from when the company registers with Xiggit to when the first payroll deduction is made. This is to allow every employee to get to know Xiggit and the benefits you have chosen to offer them, download the Xiggit app, take a look around and gain familiarity with how Xiggit works, and opt out if they wish to not take advantage of the program. New hires are immediately registered and have no waiting period.

Can I contribute to my employee’s IRA through Xiggit?

By law, the employer cannot contribute to employee IRAs directly. Employers can participate in Boosts that the employee can then direct towards their IRA. You can, however, match or contribute directly to your employee’s Xiggit savings.

What is account verification?

The Patriot Act requires financial institutions such as Xiggit to obey strict rules governing the verification of individuals seeking to open accounts. We ask for some of your employee's personal information (legal first and last name, home address, SSN, etc.). In order to ensure a speedy sign-up, it’s very important that you enter in this information accurately. If we have trouble verifying your information we'll reach out to you.

If my employees have questions after they are enrolled, where do I direct them?

If your employees have questions after reviewing the materials we provide you, they can go to the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Xiggit website. They can also reach out to us through the contact page on the Xiggit website or email us at help@xiggit.com.

During registration I disclose sensitive information about my company. What do you do with that information and how is it going to be safe?

In addition to your basic company information, Xiggit links with your payroll provider and your bank account during the process of configuring your new account. - We link with your payroll provider to automate the payroll deduction for your employee. We only access/use data necessary to process the deduction. During the one-time enrollment of your employees into the Xiggit service, we only pull the data that is necessary to open a financial account. - We link with your bank account to facilitate movement of your employee’s deductions to their financial accounts with Xiggit. The amount moved is determined by your payroll. We will notify you by email before moving any money from your account. We take data security and privacy very seriously. Xiggit uses industry-standard security protocols to protect all your information on the Xiggit platform.

What happens to my information, and my employees' information, if we decide to opt out of Xiggit at some point in the future?

Your information and any data related to your company and your employees will be deleted from our system, except for information required by banking regulations and U.S. securities law. We keep basic data about your employees in our system to allow them access to Xiggit as long as they are employed by your company. When they leave your company, we keep only the information required by law. You can learn more about what we do with your data in our privacy policy: https://www.xiggit.com/privacy-policy

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I'm so thankful my company went out of its way to make this possible for me. Saving regularly through my paycheck and saving more with Boosts is helping me feel less stressed.

Alicia, employee

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