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When you invest in
your employees

they gain financial health.

When they achieve their savings goals,

it is because you helped them get there.


I had never managed to save more than $40 dollars before Xiggit. After being with Xiggit for 4 months, I couldn’t believe when I saw I had $500 saved! I hadn’t even realized.

Employee, Saver with Xiggit

Cal Preserving


Using Xiggit is as simple as linking your payroll provider

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Would you invest $500 to save $10,000 a year per employee? 

Replacing a $16/hour employee costs you recruiting, onboarding and training - 33% of an employee's annual salary. 


After you link your payroll provider, you set your budget - it is as simple as that. 

With Xiggit, every dollar you invest in your employees helps them achieve financial health and wellness.

Employers we have worked with have asked their employees to check if Xiggit is a right fit:

"Do you feel like you are prepared for an unexpected expense?"

"Can you take a financial hit?"

"What are you saving or aspire to save towards?"

"Do you have a clear idea of how saving for retirement works?"

"Are you interested in improving your personal finance knowledge?"

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