Automated, easy way to save for retirement

Xiggit plugs into payroll (or a bank account) and automates all the administration making it easy to

offer retirement to all employees.

Our app keeps clients on track to build future monthly income for when they stop working.

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Track engagement

Understand how your employees are engaging with the benefits and app in the Xiggit dashboard.

Employee onboarding

We handle enrollment, communications, education, and money movement.


Low cost 

An IRA will be included in the monthly service cost per employee.

Only 29% of employees are confident they are doing everything to prepare for retirement.

*2020 Human Interest Survey

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Our advisor is a fiduciary which means that our clients' best interests are the top priority when selecting investments for our program.

Investor focused

Our portfolios use Heavy Tail portfolio management which is a fancy way of saying we use precise complex math to make sure your investments are optimized.

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No Liability

The employer is not responsible for the investment choices because an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is owned by the employee and the employee is choosing their investments through the robo advisor process.

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