Saving for a goal can be simple when automated

Set a goal, determine how much to contribute and for how savings time period then watch as the money seamless accumulates. 

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40% of Americans can't cover a $400 emergency expense without borrowing money or selling something.

*2019 Federal Reserve Survey


Save for a car, home
or vacation

Everyone is unique and  so it what they want to save for, your employees get to choose.​


Paid time off

Everybody wants PTO but not every employer can afford it. Help your employees save to pay the bills while taking time off.


Emergency savings

When your employees know they can cover an unexpected expense, they can better focus on their job.

Set a savings goal

Each employee will name and determine their savings goal amount using one of our calculators to determine their savings need, if appropriate. 

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Setup automatic contribution

Once they know their goal amount they can set their recurring contribution amount.  As they do that they will see how much they will save in 1 years time and can adjust the amount to reach the goal soon or later.

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When they reach their goal

Each time they log into their app they can see their progress.  We will notify them when they reach milestones along the way so they can celebrate progress and the success for reaching the goal.

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