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Help your employees
get the most out of
their savings

Your employees set savings goals. Whether that is PTO, student loans, buying a home, or simply saving for an emergency.

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40% of Americans can't cover a $400 emergency expense without borrowing money or selling something.

*2019 Federal Reserve Survey

Savings that significantly impact your business and the lives of your employees


Short-term targets

Paid time off

Student loans repayment

Help your employees save and

pay back their student loans. Both of you get to save tax money.​


Emergency savings

Whether it is saving for a car, a home, a vacation, or an emergency, your employees get to choose.​

Everybody wants PTO but often

can't afford it. Help your employees

save to pay the bills while taking time off.​

When your employees know they

can cover an unexpected expense, they can better focus on their job.​

How savings work in the app

Employees enroll in the app

They set a savings goal

They set automatic contributions from paycheck

Service costs $4/month per employee

Xiggit handles benefits and communications

with employees

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I had never managed to save more than $40 dollars before Xiggit. After being with Xiggit for 4 months, I couldn’t believe when I saw I had $500 saved! I hadn’t even realized.

Employee, Saver with Xiggit

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