Xiggit’s automated savings platform allows you to set goals and then accelerate your progress with Boosts.

Save a little bit of each paycheck through Xiggit and with Boosts, more quickly save for short term goals while also saving for your long-term financial freedom.

Affordable at $2/month


Set and forget 

Get savings Boosts

Start small

save $5/week

Save for personal goals

IRA with investments

Affordable at $2/month


Xiggsters = Freedom

By transferring small amounts from each paycheck into your savings and retirement accounts, you can build up enough savings to take an unexpected financial hit while still watching your retirement savings grow over many years.


Xiggit believes every worker has the power to secure for themselves a brighter financial future, regardless of how much they make, where they live, or what they do.

Freedom is within your reach.


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