With Xiggit, you have the power

Don't let money problems get in your way

Earn, save, and win at the money game so that you can say goodbye to money worries.

Money tools that help you worry less about money.

Cash incentives to encourage and motivate forward progress in reaching your money goals.

Daily financial quizzes where you earn free money and learn how to win at the financial game.

Personalized financial wellness tools that help you know, plan, and overcome obstacles.

Automated savings and retirement accounts that make you more resilient now - regardless of who you work for - and when you stop working.


Your data is protected by bank-level security, 256-bit encryption, and allows two-factor authentication for added security.


Your money is FDIC insured and held by US Bank - one of the strongest banks in America.


Your money belongs to you - no matter where you go, who you work for, or even if you opt out of Xiggit.

Rocket fuel for your savings: Boosts

Boosts are cash incentives to help propel you towards winning at the money game. You can earn Boosts through the daily financial quiz in the app where there is always money to be won. 

And when you invest in you, we invest in you too. As a social impact company, we give back a portion of our income to fund the daily quiz pool and then we work with others to boost your financial health and savings even farther.

Questions? We've got you covered.

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