Xiggit helps you

save faster 

Saving is important because it protects you in emergencies and helps you buy things you need like wheels to get to better paying jobs. Savings reduce your daily worries and it’s how you make your money work for you

With Xiggit ("zig-it") you get a savings and retirement account, financial tools, and crowdmatching -

your crowd rallying together to match the money you’ve already saved.


Boost into a better future

Xiggit unleashes the power of crowdmatching through “Boosts.”


Boosts are incentives to accelerate Xiggsters in their learning and saving - and thus towards achieving their financial freedom.

Everyone is surrounded by a community that wants to see them thrive - friends, family, employers, brands, government, and even foundations. Xiggit brings together community in a way that everyone benefits.


Savings Account

Save up for an emergency fund, car, vacation, etc

Retirement Account

Professionally managed Traditional or Roth IRA

More Money

Daily financial quiz

Sponsored Boosts


Financial Tools


Goal setting

Spend analysis

Sign up today and find out how to save faster with Xiggit, all via text.

“Work-life balance is important. I'm focused on my career, job security and preparing for my future.”​


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