Affordable, admin-free benefits built for
hourly employees
and freelancers

With Xiggit, employees feel secure with a safety net of benefits. Just 15 mins to register and we will handle the rest.

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You want to run your company, 
not be a benefits expert

Xiggit provides a simple no administration low-cost solution which employees love.  It addresses the employee's financial stress through gamified education that monetarily rewards learning with a call to action of savings and retirement.


Simple to implement 

Employees own their benefits and employers just provide the service.

No administration

Link your payroll provider and Xiggit setups the deductions and adjusts as needed.


Low cost 

Starts at $5 per employee - a cost effective way to offer financial benefits.


We believe all workers should have
access to high quality benefits

Today, employers and their hourly workers struggle to find benefits that work for them.  Xiggit has designed benefits to serve employers by eliminating administration, lowering costs, solving retirement compliance, and removing retirement liability.  Our vision is a world where every worker has the safety net provided by high quality benefits.

Use your existing systems

Register and link your payroll provider and we will handle the rest. New employee address? Just change it in your payroll provider and we will be up-to-date too. We update automatically changes your employees make in their benefits.

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Reduce employee financial stress – create safety net

Match your employees savings through our gamified financial education game in the app. Or directly match their savings dollar for dollar up to a monthly limit.  

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Money movement is seamless

Your employees' deductions are moved each payroll period to their Xiggit accounts with notification to both you and your employees.  Additionally, any employer matches and our service fees are also seamlessly handled to reduce administration overhead. 

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Hear It from Our Customers

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“I recommend Xiggit. Being able to provide our small team with savings and retirement benefits with low cost and no liability has been a game changer. It is easy to use and it benefits everyone, it is a win-win situation.”

Keith Cobell, President
Extollo International, Inc.

Decrease employee financial stress