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Benefits for people without benefits

Create your benefits plan and manage it all in one place
Taxes. Paid time off. Health Insurance. Retirement. Saving.

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Our Platform

Zero administration

Focus on your business, and we will focus on your benefits.

Save Time

Just link your account. Create your plan. Xiggit handles the rest.

Low Cost

Xiggit charges a low fee per month - much less than legacy programs.

For Independent Workers

Your Efforts Deserve Real Rewards

Whether you're a freelancer, a contractor, self-employed, or an employee without benefits—navigating benefits, income, and taxes can feel daunting. Dive into benefits specifically curated for you. Effortlessly navigate income and tax details with our intuitive tools.

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For Employees

Every Hour Counts, and So Do You.

We believe that every hour you put in should be rewarded with awesome, affordable benefits that make a real difference. Dive into a world where satisfaction isn’t just a promise—it’s a guarantee.

For Employers

Empower Your Team. Boost Your Business.

Join a community that's not just offering benefits but creating job satisfaction. See for yourself how thrilled you and your employees are with our curated benefits. 


After having a 401k, Xiggit feels like a breath of fresh air. It is simple, low-cost, easy to use… everything a 401k is not. It feels human, our employees feel more comfortable with it and they have a great support team. Read more.

Bruce Watkins
CEO, Cal Preserving

Ready to learn more?

Talk to one of our benefits experts. We'd be happy to discuss how Xiggit can save you countless hours on benefits.